Edible Fowers Seed Kit - Large

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Delectable Edible Flowers. 

The culinary use of flowers dates back thousands of years. Many cultures use flowers in their traditional cooking such as squash blossoms in Italian food or rose petals in Indian food. Adding flowers to your food can be a nice way to add color, flavour and, depending on your mood, a touch of whimsy or elegance. Some flowers are are nutty or spicy, and some herbacious, while others are floral and fragrant. 

Each collection contains:

I package of Johnny Jump Ups (Helen Mount Violas)

I package of Borage

I package Sunshine Flashback Calendula

I package Cornflower

I package Scarlet Runner Bean

I package Alaska Mix Nasturtium

Instructions for the picking, preparation and preservation of Edible Flowers. All seeds are non-GMO.

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